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GRAPHENE fabric face mask Earloop

GRAPHENE fabric face mask Earloop

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Our EarLoop Antimicrobial Mask is perfect for short-term or long-term wear.

Bio-Graphene advanced technology fabric naturally diminishes RNA pathogens, see SGS certified test results.   The Antimicrobial fabric in conjunction with the moisture blocking filters creates a safety shield, comfortable, and washable. 

With adjustable ear loops, it fits a wide range of head shapes. Includes a pack of 5 disposable, surgical-grade filters with 95% moisture blocking capability. Lightweight wire across the nose can be pinched to fit any nose shape or size.

Washable, comfortable, and durable.


Graphene fabric has inherent antibacterial properties, this material has been used in consumer products for many years - especially in athletics.

Our patented Bio-Graphene fabric kills 99% of germs. This, paired with the 95% blocking disposable filters, creates a safely-engineered fit that protects better than civilian masks made of natural fibers.

Oeko-tex certified safe, even for babies.


Removable PFE PM0.1 ≥95% filter (3-layer non-woven polypropylene core). The filter is lab test certified to filter out ≥95% of .1 micron-sized particles.

FIT TIP: When putting on your mask, hold mask fabric close to the skin and adjust the loops to fit. Then adjust the nose wire to secure and close off the "nose gap".

For maximum safety, wash with soap after each wear.  





  • Small = 11cm /  4" - best fit 4' or under (youth)
  • Medium = 16cm /  6"  - best fit  5'5" or under 
  • Large = 20cm / 8" - best fit for 5'5" -6'3" (80% of adults fit)
  • XLarge = 20cm / 8" - best fit for +6'4" and Bearded adult
  • Note: This is a non-medical mask w/filter; it has not yet been evaluated by the CDC or FDA and is not been evaluated as a substitute for N95, surgical, or medical procedural masks. 
  • However, the fabric has been certified to eliminate pathogens upon contact and within a 24H period, see SGS test, the 3 layer filter is medical grade and its function is crucial to ensuring 95% moisture blocking, which is essential to the EN149 BSI certification requirement.




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