Our team has been working in fashion design & manufacturing combined for over 40 years.  Hand drafting patterns, sewing samples and engineering for comfort, support for all shapes and sizes bands 30-40 A-L cups or XS-4XL since the 90's.  We share the drive to elate our customers with well crafted functional designs, joining forces to create a business that brings sustainable fashion to the world. 
The term "sustainable" is applied to so many things these days -- many brands using it ambiguously to trick the public into more & more consumption. We want to be clear about how we are a "sustainable" company.
At Omnia our goal is to lessen global waste by creating long lasting, highly functional and effective activewear, lingerie and loungewear designed to last. Not only do our styles offer a versatile fit that adapts to changing body types, but we source high-quality materials that won't tear, sag, loosen or break. Our intimates fabrics, accompanied by our custom-designed metal hardware, are designed with a lasting future in mind. Our Antimicrobial collection uses bio sourced Graphene, from agricultural waste as its raw material. We want you to be supported... be comfortable... be confident. And, most importantly, be thoughtfully pleased.
We know body sizes fluctuate between people and stages of life; we have designed more flex in our fit.  Our paper packaging is 100% post-consumer bio-cardboard which is biodegradable material.  We print using only soy-based inks and foil accents (the foil is recyclable too! It is removed in the recycling process, along with other inks).
Unlike big brands who design, source, sew, pack, ship, move, and mass market their garments, our global supply chain is limited to 3 stops:

DESIGN_ We design and fit in Seattle, WA, sourcing quality materials that are meant to fit & last.
CREATE_ We work exclusively with a family owned village workshop in Jinan, Shandong in Northern China. Our team is well-paid and highly-qualified in premium construction, one of the finest 'needles' in the world.
DELIVER_ We deliver quality service and product to all of our customers.
You might not have the power to make big political changes. But you do have the power to choose thoughtfully and impact the environment in your own way.

Choose style. Choose fit. Choose sustainability. The earth will thank you.

Anne Dimond & the OMNIA team