American Designer Small batch Brand

Inclusive fit + recycled fibers + hand crafted to last

Inclusive Intimates + Sleep to Street Essentials

A-L cups XS-4XL | Custom Fit Available

OMNIA {everything} PARATUS {prepare}

PEARL - Deco Mesh Collection

Art deco Mesh lends a soft, feminine touch to this collection of t-shirt... 

Inclusive Intimates + Sleep to Street + Prepare for Joy

Sustainable Lasting Essentals Apparel | Recycled Fibers | Compostable Packaging | Female Founder

All OUR shape sizes + colours

  • Small business article

    We launched in March 2020, and have managed to survive with lots of pivots. See link to the full Leading business thru a storm article here

  • Teamwork

    Our company @SustainableCreationSupply is proud of our incubator in house brand OMNIA-paratus!

  • Female Founder

    After design school, then a career in design, created my first bra pattern & sample in 2000, with a focus on femme health, breast support, and engineering into comfort.

  • Regenerative Packaging

    We are the first to bring these Wheat Grass Paper products to replace Virgin Wood (all current food service and consumer packing today). Our sourcing team will meet your compostable packaging needs.

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    We want to share our network of suppliers with other brands, designers and individuals looking for a better source. See our Sustainable Creation Supply here

    Sustainable Creation Supply Co 
  • New HQ

    Our HQ is @WoodinvilleRedBarns

    Check our upcoming events and promotions!

    Woodinville Red Barns 
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