Collection: Bio-Graphene Tech Fashion

We created the SALUS collection to be the modern-day fabric high tech under armor. Wear as underwear, sleepwear, loungewear inclusive sizing for Men's and Unifit Sizing.  Naturally beneficial causing micro-circulation and odor elimination!

Great while active at home or outdoors. Activewear in our quick-dry low smell Bio-Graphene fabric which is the perfect base layer for outdoor or lounging activities.  We develop only the best @ Omnia, we aren't playing around.

Made from patented Bio-Graphene fabric, FDA approved;  all materials are OEKO-TEX certified. 

This is the only sustainable antimicrobial, machine washable,  and ergonomically designed to provide the healthiest and most comfortable anti-microbial materials.  Not a spray-on that washes off!  Great for masks because it has an SGS certified test to prove this fabric eliminates not only body odor-causing bacteria but also this fiber also shows it eliminates RNA pathogens!  Great