Have a Trunk Show with the OMNIA Collection Fit Chest

Alongside traditional wholesale ordering, we are offering a unique launch opportunity for boutiques: the FIT CHEST


1. Click here to create a wholesale account.  Enter all business and tax id information. We will review and activate your account.  

2. New Wholesale Boutique Buyers: OMNIA opening minimum order is $800 or 1 FIT CHEST collection.

Each FIT CHEST is for each seasonal collection or group.  The seasonal collection is a curated selection of the styles, colors, and sizes to best test a range of bodies. The size-jump and style assortment is relevant to the entire collection and perfect for any event or merchandising assortment. Each FIT CHEST is comprised of 10-50 pieces including a range of sizes to ensure you are confidently able to fit your range of customers.

3. Try the FIT CHEST for 14 days.

With your customer information in our system, we will ship your TRUNK SHOW FIT CHEST free of charge. From there, you've got 14 days from delivery to host an event or try on your daily customers to get a feel for our quality, style and fit. If you feel we're a good for for your boutique, keep the FIT CHEST and your card on file will be charged.

4. Don't love it? Return it!

If you feel this FIT CHEST won't do well for your customers, simply ship the chest within the allotted 14 days, or ship to the next boutique in line.

5. Love it and want more?

Reorder any size with our 8 piece low re-order minimums. All wholesale orders ship free.

If you find a collection you are interested in seeing a jump-size range in, including assorted styles and colors from the collection, simply order the FIT CHEST for that Collection.


Submit your boutique buyer information in our wholesale form, please include Tax ID.

One of our sales representatives will respond within 24-48 hours to answer any questions and give you the password if your boutique is approved.

Thank you,